Senior Housing Property Management Services

Adults ages 50 and over accounted for half of the increase in the total number of renters within the past decade, and senior housing communities without top-tier property management are falling behind. With extensive experience in senior housing property management, McBroom Company is well-equipped to provide the operational oversight these communities need to stay competitive. By ensuring the right staff, services, amenities, maintenance and informational systems are in place to exceed resident expectations, we increase retention, cultivate positive reputations and maximize financial stability.

Marketing and Sales to Boost Occupancy

The sales and marketing funnel is a crucial part of getting any senior living community to stabilized occupancy. McBroom Company’s expert marketing and sales partners generate, nurture and close leads for senior housing communities using inbound techniques, which attract leads through the creation and distribution of useful, relevant content and converts them to customers through a compassionate, authentic, guidance-based sales process that prioritizes education and individual needs.

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